What about it?

Turn your happy customers into real dollars.


The most successful online companies know how to use customer reviews to improve their bottom line, and we make it easy for you to do the same.

It’s hard enough to worry about getting new leads, turning them into sales, and giving great customer service… so taking the time to manage your reputation, follow up on feedback and collect customer reviews… yet alone share good customer reviews with other potential customers… may be the last thing on your to-do list.

We get it – business owners and managers have a ton of things on their plate. But if you haven’t prioritized soliciting, managing and distributing select online reviews and you aren’t keeping this current; you may not realize just exactly how much you are missing.

It’s crucial that your potential customers can quickly find online reviews and good words about your business.


And it’s important to keep them up to date!! Online search engines such as Google prioritize, and reward recency and most consumers say a review must be written within a month to be considered relevant.

The good news is that 7 out of 10 consumers will leave a review for your business….  all you have to do is ask… and it helps if you make it REALLY easy.

Well, actually, all WE have to do is ask. That’s why we created hapigood, with you and your happy customers in mind.


Hapigood is solution for you to easily manage your online reviews and reputation.


We’ve created a program that streamlines this process for you and makes it simple for your customers to see and submit reviews – all in one place! And you get control of more of your online reputation.

Hapigood is a full review/reputation program wrapped up in a simple to use box customized for almost any business category need. It includes:

  • hapibox: When you join you receive a ‘hapibox’ that includes posters, post-cards, a suite of digital assets (buttons, banners etc..) and helpful hints on how to incorporate the program into your normal business activity (sales, website, posters, email, social media etc…).                                                             
  • hapicode: A custom scannable QR code for your company to use on all related materials for a direct mobile link to your hapisite.
  • hapisite: Custom hapigood review portal with your company branding, custom message and review form. hapigood sets up standards at your discretion where we monitor and manage incoming reviews with customer service issues going to your company representative and select comments being used as approved for distribution as hapigood testimonials.
  • hapifeed: Two custom plugins for your website. The first is usually embedded on your home page that shows the last 3 approved ‘hapi’ reviews.  The second a live feed of all your approved ‘hapi’ reviews that you can embed anywhere on your site and link to from any related marketing.
  • hapisearch: Approved hapigood testimonials are added to our Search Engine Optimization program to make it easier for search engines to locate and show more potential customers good words about your company.
  • hapigift: Optional employee incentive programs that encourage and reward your team for completed review
  • hapisocial: Optional auto-posting ‘approved’ hapigood testimonials to company social media platforms.

Hapigood can easily be your most efficient use of marketing dollars. Online review management is a basic essential task for every business… hapigood just makes this an effective income producing asset.


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