The most successful online companies know how to use customer reviews to improve their bottom line, and we make it easy for you to do the same.

It’s hard enough to worry about getting new leads, turning them into sales, and giving great customer service…. so taking the time to follow up and collect customer reviews may be the last thing on your to-do list.

We get it – business owners and managers have a ton of things on their plate. But if you haven’t prioritized getting online reviews, or you aren’t keeping them current, you may not realize just exactly how important they are.

Online reviews improve the perception of your brand, surge your online search results
and – most importantly – increase sales.

In fact, research shows:

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It’s crucial that your potential customers can quickly find online reviews of your business.

And it’s important to keep them up to date!! Most consumers say a review must be written within a month to be considered relevant.

The good news is that 7 out of 10 consumers will leave a review for your business….  all you have to do is ask.

Well, actually, all WE have to do is ask. That’s why we created Hapigood, with you and your happy customers in mind.

Hapigood is solution for you to easily manage your online reviews and reputation.

We’ve created a program that streamlines this process for you, and makes it simple for your customers to see and submit reviews – all in one place!

Hapigood is essentially a micro-site for your business that we manage, which has customer review feeds, surveys and one-click review submission. We set it up, follow up with customers to encourage them to submit reviews, and make sure that all of this is linked in properly with google to show up in search.

This is real customer data, so it significantly increases your SEO results, because the Google algorithms know when customer reviews are fake. The more real, regular, and recent the reviews are, the higher your score.

The best part is that you only pay when you get results with new reviews on the micro-site.

When you sign up for Hapigood you get:

  • Micro-site for your business (www.yourbusiness.hapigood.com) where your customers can see and submit reviews
  • Custom ‘review’ and ‘survey’ buttons for your website and e-mail signatures
  • A customized survey, with process implemented to send to your recent consumers
  • Personal follow-up service calls and emails to select customers, encouraging reviews*
  • Service calls and emails to request and complete Google and Online reviews*
  • Replies to negative reviews with alert to your business if anything needs action from company personnel*

You’ll be able to see and track the increases in your star ranking, too! Each month, you’ll get a report emailed to you, showing the new reviews and your ratings improvement.

You no longer have to figure out your own process of customer follow up, gathering all these customer reviews, and making sure they’re online somewhere for your potential buyers to see. We do it all for you!

There’s a huge secret bonus in all of this too….

Our experience has shown that your customers will be SO HAPPY that someone actually called them! It’s often overlooked that you’re making them feel good, simply because someone took the time to pick up the phone to talk to them after the sale

Hapigood literally improves customer happiness.

So how do you get started?